2021 Research Symposium

MARCH 26, 2021, 10AM EST

Join live event

The ENVigorate Research Symposium will be held over MS Teams in a “science-fair” like style, where participants will be given 30 seconds to present an elevator pitch (with a poster or Powerpoint slides) of their research. Participants and attendees will be entered to win prizes!

Researchers of the Environment

MARCH 8-26, 2021, ON-GOING

Inspired by the famous account ‘Humans of New York’, faculty, staff and students can share a photo and short description of any recent academic project to be showcased on ENVigorate’s social media. Participants will be entered to win prizes! Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis.


What is a Research Symposium?

  • The ENVigorate Research Symposium is a space where graduate and undergraduate students alike can share and discuss their work. All work is welcome!

Who will be at the Research Symposium?

  • The event will be hosted by ENVigorate. All ENV students are welcome to register to present, and all alumni, faculty and staff (even outside of the faculty) are welcome to attend.
  • ALL student research can be registered, including class projects.

How are the prizes awarded?

  • Upon entry, each presenter and attendee will be entered in a draw to receive a a gift card for participating
  • *Only Environment students will be eligible for prizes