ENVigorate Save the Date Cropped


ENVigorate has become a staple at the Faculty of Environment! Celebrating its fifth year, the festival aims to bring students, staff, and community members together in a learning experience that spans beyond your usual academic environment. The combination of food, music, workshops, and presenters allows us to appreciate the rich community surrounding us.

On March 20, the day will begin at 9am with workshops, including sprouting, photogramming, crochet, macrame, DIY beeswax wraps, and more. Then there will be a break with lunch and speakers before workshops continue through the afternoon. We also have the SWAP Shop, where you can swap your well-loved clothing items. Finally, we will come together for closing ceremonies and afternoon snacks!

New this year: we’re offering a new take on student research so be sure to submit your research bios and creative research communications!


ENVigorate appreciates the support being provided by WESEF, the Faculty of Environment, the Environment Graduate Students Association, and the Dean’s Office. Thanks also to everyone who has volunteered their time to make this year’s festival possible!